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Your best source for video tape transfer to DVD and Digital files in Winnipeg

We transfer VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, Hi8, Sony 8mm and MiniDV to DVD or .MP4 files on a USB stick. We can also convert Audio cassette tapes & Vinyl records to CD or Mp3s with proper metadata.

Video Tape Pricing

• 1 - 9 tapes: $15 each
• 10 - 20 tapes: $12 each
• 20+ tapes: $10 each

Video Tapes running 4+ hours, are an additional $5 each. Tapes less than 15m are $5. Tapes less than 30 minutes are $10. Additional DVD copies are $5 each.

MP4 versions of converted DVDs suitable for playing on computers and mobile devices are available free of charge if you provide the USB stick. USB sticks can be provided for an additional $10 - $35 depending on the amount of content.

Audio Tape & Vinyl Pricing

• Vinyl to CD - $1 per track/song
• 60 minute tape or less: $15 each
• 90 minute tape: $20 each
• 120 minute tape: $25 each

Call Chris at 204-888-5515 from 10am - 7pm

159 Carroll Road, Winnipeg St. James

Call to discuss your requirements or any other questions.
Out of town orders are welcome. Any associated postage costs are extra.
All orders over $300 require a $100 advance deposit, cash preferred.